Jewelry Repair

We can fix it.

Gehman Jewelers can come to the rescue when your jewelry needs service.  Sizing, soldering, prong work, you name it and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Our goal is to keep your jewelry in good shape to be worn and enjoyed for generations,

We will happily clean & check all your treasures while you wait.

Repair estimates are provided at no charge.

***Due to CDC guidelines, we are currently unable to clean items while you wait as we must sanitize items prior to working on.  Currently, this is taking up to 48 hours, depending on when you drop the item off.***

Jewelry Repair Process

Are you in need of repair services or a ring, necklace, earrings, or other precious jewelry? Our repair services include sizing, soldering, prong work, and more- whatever you need to best to accommodate your repair needs. Our goal is to keep your jewelry in great shape to be worn and enjoyed for generations to come. And trust us, we’ve seen it all so don’t hesitate to consult with our team. 

Here is the Journey that your repair makes:

  1.  Bring your repair to Gehman Jewelers
  2. We examine your repair, and you give us instructions on what you would like to be repaired
  3. We write a repair envelope, listing pertinent and detailed information- your name, address, phone number and description of the item you have brought to use for repair or an estimate.  We also take a picture of your item with the repair envelope. We complete these steps before we begin the repair.
  4. In our Log-In Journal, record everything that is on your repair envelope.  Your repair is examined by a second person in our store.
  5. We write an instruction envelope for our jewelry, stating the necessary repairs.
  6. We enter this information into our computer.
  7. We hand deliver your repair to our jeweler.
  8. The jeweler checks to see if he has all the necessary findings, stones, or materials needed to repair your item.
  9. Sometimes parts have to be ordered from a jewelry supply house or stones needed to be matched.  Hopefully, the item is in stock and doesn’t need to be back-ordered. A phone call to the supply house is made to order the parts and they are mailed to our jeweler.
  10. The jeweler proceeds with the necessary repair.
  11. Upon completion of the repair, we pick up our jobs come back to the store, log in your repair in our Log-In Journal, check the repair to make certain it is done to our satisfaction, logging it into our computer.
  12. We give you a call to tell you your merchandise is ready.
  13. We record the date when you pick up your merchandise in our computer and Log-In Journal.

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